Check out this website during July!

2012 Dog Days of Summer Contest

Check out the following website for a summer reading contest. Let us know what you think and if you enter!

Also, there is a discussion tab on the home page, the discussion page, as well as your grade page. Be careful where you post!
To provide a forum for Big Horn's community of readers
that promotes a shared culture of reading for pleasure and knowledgewhile sustaining reading achievement and expanding reading interests.

How to Participate:
1. Read a minimum of three books over the summer.
3 books - dilly bar party
5 books - dilly bar party + watch a movie during school - in the auditorium
10 books - dilly bar party + watch a movie during school + another prize (to be determined - but it will be cool!)

2. Update your Wiki page with your reading goal, what you've read, and what you plan on reading. Keep track of the books you have read on the log (see link). If you forget to do this, during the first week of school, pick up a summer reading form and fill it out. You'll need the titles of the three (or more) books that you read, the authors' names, your signature, and a parent's signature. Turn in to reading teacher or Ms. Martin (librarian).

If you have questions or comments, please contact either Susie Mohrmann (reading teacher) (**** or Joann Martin (librarian) (****).**

Sheridan Fulmer Public Library "Teen" page (great place to see what's new at the library)


Novel List
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WYLDCAT (online card catalog for Sheridan Fulmer Public Library) click here (lots of great resources at this site including reviews) click here

Great Books for Boys (part of click here click here (suggested reads by genre) click here

Soaring Eagle Book Award
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