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-Thirteen Reasons Why
New update on Thirteen Reasons Why- Dear Mr.McFadden,
Thirteen Reasons Why is in 1st person point of view. So, Hannah Baker committed suicide and sends out tapes of the thirteen reasons why she ended her life, just so happens that the box of tapes shows up on Clay Jensen’s front porch. (I am further into the book and this is what is happening now) through out the book clay Jensen has been listening to Hannah Bakers tapes, he is getting deeper into the night and the farther he listens the more secrets are revealed. He now understands Hannah’s pain, but he still knows that he himself is one of the reasons why Hannah is gone. Learning details about people clay is disgusted with himself and the people who have impacted Hannah’s life. He still hasn’t heard his name on the tapes so he has to listen further. Clay finds every way to keep listening and can’t stop now.

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The Compound
The Compound

The Compound is a book we have been reading in Mr.McFaddens reading class for the first couple weeks of school. Mr.McFadden was already reading it over the summer and told us about it, we were so interested in reading the rest of the book with him we decided to make it our temporary read aloud book. We just recently finished it and it was pretty intense. i recommend reading this!!!!

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  • 2 Way Street
  • Along For the Ride
  • How to be bad
  • Dreamland
  • Someone like you
  • That summer
  • Such a pretty girl
  • The tenth circle
  • Just Listen
  • The outsiders
  • keeping the moon
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-The Hunger Games

Also in Language arts we read Raymonds Run.