Dear Mr. McFadden,
Right now I’m reading Eragon By: Christopher Paolini and I’m on page 102 out of 497. So far the book has been very existing and I would give this book a 9 as a rating. Right now there is a conflict going on with the two main characters Eragon and this dragon Saphaira and the town of Carvahall because Eragon dose not what Saphaira to be seen and only in a matter of time Eragon and Saphaira are going to have to leave and find a safe place to hide so that the town of Carvahall don’t find out and most of all so that the Empire doesn’t find that Eragon has a Dragon because if they do then they will try to kill Eragon and Saphaira.

Books read by Aaron over summer 2009:
1. The Supernaturals
2. Artemis Fowl
3. Artemis Fowl #2
My goal is to read 2 books over the quarter

The book that I am reading right now is The Book of Lies By: Brad Meltzer

The book The Book of Lies is very interesting. So far it is about a man named Calvin Harper, and when he was nine years old his dad went to prison for getting in a fight. And now his dad is out of prison and Calvin has just meet his dad for the first time since he was nine. Also during this whole thing Calvin and his dad have to find the book of lies and also keep the book of lies away from a man named Ellis Belasco. So far The Book of Lies is a very good book.